Remembering Terry

In remembrance of Terry Stiles, our leader, friend and inspiration to all those who knew him. Please send Terry’s family and friends your thoughts and condolences via the form below.

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What People Are Saying

Al RexI wanted to add my condolences to Kenny and the entire Stiles Family. I had the pleasure of meeting Terry in January of 1978 in my first month on the job with Travelers Insurance Company in the Real Estate group which had a regional office in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Travelers was doing the loan for Terry on Ross Creek Medical building in Coconut Creek. The loan was for $180,000 which while small today was important to Terry and Travelers(thus me) at that time. I have had the good fortune to work on many loans with Terry since and regardless of the size he always gave it the same attention and importance as this first loan. As everyone at the memorial said the one thing that you will always remember about Terry is his smile. I will cherish the many memories of Terry and smile when I think of Terry. With warmest regards, Al
Bill ColemanI was amazed at the turn out to the beautiful Memorial for Terry—but was not aware of the event afterward at his golf club and had a schedule conflict—So I apologize to all of you for not being able to reach out to each of you in person about my feelings for Terry and our relationship with Stiles and Marvin F. Poer and Company— Just so you all know Stiles Corporation is our longest running active client in the State of Florida for POER—It started in 1983 when I first joined POER and was a young Division Manager and sales supervisor—I made a sales call trip to South Florida and Terry was on the list of prospects—we met is some small office in a shopping center – been so long I can’t remember where—and I was very nervous (even though Terry was only 3 years older than me) as we had researched him and his father and I was intimidated— However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy going he was with a huge smile and told me to go ahead and give him my pitch! I was sort of droning on about the company and he stopped me “ok kid I get it – I’ll give you a shot!” he never stopped smiling and I think he was laughing at the end of the meeting—fast forward 20 years and I called Terry to see if I could stop by and give him a gift for reaching a milestone of 20 years with POER and wanted to give him a Mont Blanc pen – again the laughter – he said “keep the pen and keep saving me taxes!” Our records don’t go back past the late nineties but we ran a query and have saved The Stiles companies over $5,000,000 in property taxes adding over $55mil in value to the Stiles assets-- Terry was a super guy to know- a loyal client --and an ICON in commercial real estate in the State of Florida—We are proud to have known Terry and proud to still be a part of the Stiles Corporation—As Doug and some of the other speakers said “he loved his Rum and Coke” – wish I had had the chance to drink one with him-- best regards to all-- Bill Coleman
Julie ColeI am so sorry for your loss. I just found out today. Terry was someone I truly admired and was honored to work for and with. I will never forget him. I have so many stories to share but the best one I can tell you, his loving family, is one that left a mark on my son. A few years ago, my son, then in middle school, was helping me at Oak Tree Landing putting on a community BBQ Terry and Steve Halmos were hosting on the site. Terry walked over to my young son Henry and asked if he wanted to take a ride with him on the ATV. Henry jumped on with him and Terry gave him a tour of the beautiful land. When he brought him back, Henry came running up to me so excited to have gone on the ride and showed me $20 that Terry "paid" him for "working" the event. He did it without fanfare and Henry was so excited to have gotten paid. Terry did a lot of quiet forms of appreciation to his people. He let even the most insignificant folks know that he cared. I will miss him. Ken and the rest of Terry's family, I'm sending prayers, though I know that won't be enough. I am so sorry for what you are now going through. Sincerely, Julie Cole, Gainesville, FL, Oak Tree Landing manager.
Jim JensenTerry and I were best friends in high school. His father, Howard gave me and Terry our first paying jobs cutting lawns in a new development called Tamarac. We trained together, we started the Key Club and went to Boys State together. I spent a lot of time with his family and his Mom always brought us food to his pool house when we worked out. We were on Northeast's first football team. Having to write this makes me sick. Goodbye #81 from #26. Northeast Class of 1965. Jim Jensen Tampa, FL
Rolando SanchezI worked for Mr. Stiles for 10 years and was one of my best experience working for this company. I worked for the Landscape Division from 1998 to 2008 and love it every minute. Terry rest in peace my friend!!! We will meet again in heaven!!!! Rolando Sanchez
Chip LaMarcaI was deeply disappointed that I was not be able to give my personal condolences to the family of a man that meant a great deal to me in my life. There were many times that I was blessed to be in the company of two giants that both cared deeply about our community. Phil Smith and Terry Stiles provided me the support that very few other leaders could have. They both understood the business and political climate in our county, yet they both stood tall with me for the success and betterment of many. Terry Stiles was the community leader that took a group of local business leaders and one elected official to both Washington, DC and Tallahassee to advocate for the importance of expanding Port Everglades. As a business leader, he was able to explain the importance of this decades long project to both state and federal legislators. Terry was so dedicated to this project that his passion played into a difficult personal decision for me. Our Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Washington Summit was scheduled for this week and after Terry's sudden passing, his services were scheduled at the same time. I know that Terry would have said "Go to Washington. Get this done. It's too important for our community." In honor of Terry, we will continue to work towards the successful expansion of Port Everglades, as well as many other important issues for our local economy. Rest In Peace to you, my friend, and fellow Northeast High School alum. Your presence will be missed, but your legacy will never be forgotten. It will be visible in the skyline of Fort Lauderdale, but more importantly in the family members that continue on his name.
Steve DewhurstDewhurst Associates started working with Stiles Corp. in the mid 1980's. From the first tenant improvement project we felt a sense of family. Whether working with Property Management, Architecture 6400, Stiles Construction or Stiles Realty, you knew their culture. We were pleased to be part of their team and once we got to know Terry we understood that it started at the top. Although we know his legacy in shaping the skyline of Fort Lauderdale will continue for generations, I would be remiss in not expressing the gratitude and respect that all of the contractors, sub-contractors and vendors that had the opportunity to be a part of that team. Salute to a great man and his organization. May he rest in peace.
Linda FuentesTo live in the hearts of others is never to die. We are told by God to give Honor to whom honor is due. REST IN PEACE Terry Stiles. We will miss you and always remember you!
Felicia GoldsteinSo sorry for your tremendous loss. His determination and dedication to Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale cannot be replaced.
Patty AckermanDuring my 26 years as CFO of the Museum of Discovery and Science, Terry was a great leader and a friend. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers to his family.
Liz Glaria Attached are pics of happy moments.
Ken GentryI worked for Terry Stiles for around ten years and always found him to be a kind hearted soul. One who always endeavored to 'Do the right thing' with his company and as an individual, and one that was always more than willing to give back to the community. We will sorely miss his presence, My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. God Bless.
Liz GlariaThank you Terry for your kindness. Miss my Stiles family. Liz Glaria
Betty LevyDear Jamie, I wanted to express my condolences for you and your family. Although I did not know Terry, I heard he was a wonderful man who will be missed by so many. If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. With sorrow in my heart, Betty Levy
Alexandra MissanI can't say enough how much Terry will greatly be missed by not just myself but the entire community of Fort Lauderdale and the world of South Florida real estate. What a breath of fresh air it was to pass him in the hall or catch him in the elevator. Terry was always smiling, laughing or making a joke. He would pop in our office just to check in and say hello. He acknowledged every person he came into contact with and treated everyone with dignity and respect. He is an inspiration and a true leader, he was not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get just as dirty as you. I have been with Stiles for almost 3 years and I can honestly say Terry made us all feel like family.
Port EvergladesPort Everglades was fortunate to have an advocate in this quiet leader whose voice was always heard when it truly mattered. As an astoundingly successful businessman he could have simply concentrated his efforts on his company, however, he took another path. Terry Stiles demonstrated incredible effectiveness as a leader whose life reflected a heart of service and commitment. He advocated for and understood the power of working together and willfully exercising the awareness, patience and restraint that reinforces a climate of empowerment, engagement, and excitement. Port Everglades benefited from the community leadership of Terry Stiles as he stepped forward to chair the Port Everglades Advocacy Team to promote the critical deepening and widening of the port to elected officials in both Tallahassee and Washington D.C. It was our privilege.
Rena Esposito CravenI met Terry for the first time during a build for Habitat for Humanity. I was a roofing crew leader and had Terry on my crew. At the time I was a Media Buyer for ANC but was interested in changing my career to Construction. I watched the construction of the Stiles building on 3rd Avenue from my office in the old Blockbuster building and just knew I wanted to work for Stiles. The day of the build where I met Terry all of the volunteers from Stiles were wearing red shirts, on a break I approached him and asked if he worked at Stiles, (I had never met or seen him before). He laughed and introduced himself as Terry Stiles, we struck up a conversation regarding my career change and during the lunch break he provided me with names of individuals in Stiles I should speak with to determine my strategy. Long story short, I received my Masters in Construction Management and every year interviewed with Stiles. After about 5 years of gaining experience I finally joined the Stiles Corp. family. Basically Terry Stiles was the reason I made the career change. He was an inspiration and will be missed. I always enjoyed running into him at Shuck 'n Dive and at church, 1st Presbyterian Church of Ft. Lauderdale. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Monica WesolowskiI will always remember Terry fondly, his humor and generosity and his personal commitment and genuine engagement toward all things good. It's with these memories and great fondness I send my deepest condolences to my friend and Leadership Broward classmate Kenny, his family, and the Stiles organization. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. With greatest caring and sympathies, Monica
Gene BermanAs I am sure others would attest: great leader and thoughtful mentor in business and community involvement.
Patty & Curt HoffmeyerThe happy memories we have as classmates and friends will remain with us forever. Terry was a true friend and loved by all who knew him. Rest in Peace Terry. We love you.
Dick DonnellanCheers to Terry and an extraordinary life very well lived. I have known and worked with him and the wonderful people at Stiles for over thirty years. What an incredible legacy he is leaving to his beautiful family, his amazing company, the South Florida community and the countless number of friends who were fortunate enough to cross his path. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jamie, Tresa, Carrie, Kenny and all your families as well as everyone at Stiles. He enriched our lives in so many ways. He will be deeply missed.
Bryan Duke, General Counsel 1994-2000After nine years in the private practice of law, Terry and others invited me to come work as an in-house counsel for Stiles Corporation in 1994. It was quite a change and for me personally a wonderful change. Working with Terry and the other employees was a blast. I remember my first day at the office. Terry asked me to come to his office and he stood there and said, "Who do you represent". I said Stiles Corporation. He hesitated on his response and before he said another word, I said, but since you are the president, sole shareholder and sole director of Stiles Corporation, I represent you. He smiled and said that's what I wanted to hear. To the Stiles family, the Duke family sends its condolences. Terry was larger than life, competitive, yet so kind to his employees. I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. '
Lynn BrownIt has been an honor to have known Terry, and I am proud to be part of the Stiles Family organization.
Mandana & Mary SharifiI remember couple of occasion speaking with Mr Stiles. One was just so heart warming:- At the FLL Paramount breaking ground ceremony, the rest of the principals & developers where doing photo ops, I said to Mr Stiles, "...why don't you go there too?" To which he smiled & gently said "it's not about me" and after a few persisting words from yours truly, he decided to join the photo opt and without a white hat! 😄. It simply showed his strong but humble & quiet demeanor which we all loved.😇 Here's to a very big shoe 👠 which will never be filled! Secondly thank you for building such amazingly & strong buildings, because when I asked Robert Fernandez about how strong was our 350 Las Olas Place condo against hurricane Irma, he assured me hence we stayed! 👍🏻 I thank Mr Stiles once again for saving so many lives due to his solid buildings. Until we meet again, RIP sweet man, Miss Mandana Sharifi Mama Mary Sharifi & Tiger (the chihuahua)🐶
Dick DonnellanCheers to Terry on an extraordinary life very well lived. I was honored to be a friend and have had the opportunity to work with him and so many wonderful people at Stiles for over thirty years. What an incredible legacy he has left to his family, his company, the community and the multitudes of people that were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jamie, Tresa, Carrie, Ken and all your respective families as well as everyone at Stiles. He enriched our lives. He will be deeply missed.
Karen SauveTerry was an exceptional person who every one respected and loved. He will be missed by a multitude of people who knew him socially or in the business world. He had the unique personality that individuals gravitated to and wanted to know him. I taught at Northeast High School and knew Terry since he was in the 8th grade. During his high school years he indicated leadership qualities which certainly were present through out his successful business career . He definitely is one of a kind and I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to call him not only my student for all those years but also a friend, I want to extend my condolences to Terry's family and may God hold him in the palm of his hand through out eternity. Karen
Steve CrosbyTerry was a great Naiop friend, mentor, and supporter. He was a leader and a team player who believed in himself, his people, his company, and that the industry he led could always be better. We'll very much miss his leadership, and friendship, and camaraderie. Calm seas and a cool breeze my friend.
Nancy Robin, CEO - Habitat for Humanity of BrowardTerry has been a long term friend and advocate of Habitat's mission. Over the years you could often find him leading by example and personally up on our roofs yielding a hammer.
Jo-Ellen (Swinnerton) CoxI was so saddened to hear of Terry's passing. I worked for Stiles in the late 80's and early 90's at 6400 N. Andrews. They were the absolute best working years of my life. Terry provided us a great environment to work and to have fun. We all loved going to work! I can't thank him enough for the fond memories. Terry was an inspiration to each of us. He was an amazing leader and business man; however, I'll remember him most for his kindness, his generosity, his sense of humor and his mischievous side. So many memories have come flooding back, from the crazy Stiles golf tournaments, the field parties, the picnics and Christmas parties to the nicknames he gave to some of us. Terry called me Trapper, I'll never forgot that day he chose that name, he called me that forever after. Thank you for the memories, Terry and for providing the absolute best place to work. South Florida and beyond will not be the same without your presence. My thoughts and prayers go out to Terry's beloved family and to the entire Stiles team. RIP Terry.
Debo RamsdenWonderful man and a great neighbor. Terry will be greatly missed.
Dr. Michele WilleySo much sadness hearing of Terry's passing yet nothing but smiles when you think about his life! Terry and my Dad, Jack Willey, were lifelong friends since Terry built Dads building at The Corporate Park at Cypress Creek back in the 1980's. Dad cherished their friendship throughout his life until Dads passing last year. Dad always chuckled and smiled when he spoke of Terry - he always said "Terry is a man meant for greatness" - and as I read all the tributes - Dad hit the nail on the head!! I like to think of them up there - clinking their glasses together to a job well done!!!! My thought and prayers are with the Stiles family and the Stiles Corp. You are truly blessed to have had Terry in your lives and he will be greatly missed
Mark FelingoffFrom all of us at JC White and my family we send our thoughts and prayers to the Stiles family after the loss of such a great leader. Terry showed me 25 years ago that nothing is above you when we were trying to get Huizenga Holdings Penthouse suite completed and he was on a ladder installing the emergency lighting! His company and more importantly community leadership will be missed dearly.
Jennifer ZiskThe best Santa!
Jim EllisThe Loss of an ICON - Terry Stiles When I think of Terry so much comes to mind that it is difficult to accept that he's actually gone. Our community has been profoundly and positively affected by Terry. His shoes will be large to fill and carry the touch (as he was asked and honored to do in the 1988 Olympic Games), and as he has done for almost 50 years. Where does one start to try and write about an Icon that's actually built our community? When most people think of Terry they think of his entrepreneurial business accomplishments which are far too many to acknowledge here. Terry almost singlehandedly built a large local corporation with over 350 loyal and talented staff as a full service development, construction, and management company defining our city. A great nod to his abilities as a dignified and accomplished entrepreneur is that most of his employees have made a lifelong career in his organization. Simply put, he started out and is still the defining force of our skyline with office towers, residential towers, schools, commercial businesses, retail establishments, public structures, etc.. More important to Terry than the 43 plus million square feet he has overseen the developed of was that in good times or bad times he never left his associates, and they never left him, that's integrity, devotion, respect and loyalty that is seldom found in many men. Community involvement was another full time tireless job for Terry which like his company there's way too many things to mention. He tirelessly served his community far beyond anyone I know. He Chaired, sat on, devoted, his knowledge, time, connections, influences, recruitments, auctions, homes, airplane, and money throughout many organizations that have touched us all. The Museum of Discovery and Science, Broward County Humane Society, Jack and Jill, Broward Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, Nova University, Museum of Art, Riverwalk, Bonnet House, Birch State Park, and countless others all benefited from this caring community man. When I moved down here 30 years ago I lucked out and moved right next door to Terry and his family so I knew them very well. As a friend and neighbor, there are too few words to describe the man, Terry Stiles. He was a mentor, friend, partner and task master for excellence. We were friends and business associates. Together we did about a dozen on time, on budget, profitable big deals, and because of him I learned a lot. He was a true trusted friend, caring, creative, helpful - handshakes were good enough. He was always active - fishing, playing with his kids, having neighborhood parties, and there for you. He was a man you always looked up to. Our leaders regularly called upon him for his wisdom and advice. Over and above all Terry’s public achievements, by far the most important thing I knew about Terry - he was a caring, loving, available, thoughtful, stable, generous, sharing, and genuinely loving family man, who made quality time for his family. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jamie, Carrie, Tresa and Ken, and all the grandkids who he loved so very much. Terry always beamed with pride when speaking of his children, their families and accomplishments. He was a proud father. Son Ken has been following in his father’s footsteps and took over the reins last year to move Stiles Corp to the next generation. It was through the vision of Terry Stiles that we see our growing downtown and surrounding business areas today. From Cypress Creek to Las Olas Boulevard, Terry used his vision to grow our city leaving a generous legacy. We have had the pleasure and the benefit of having Terry Stiles as a leader and member of our community and we will all feel the loss.
Kurt and Sharon VolkerMy wife and I were deeply saddened to learn recently of Terry's passing. There are a scant few people we encounter on our journey through life who leave such a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to have known them. Terry Stiles was one of the few. Of all the accolades and superlatives written by his many friends and acquaintances on this page, humanitarian seems best suited this giant among men. His sense of decency, compassion for all those he met, and concern for the welfare of the community he helped build, literally, will sustain his legacy long after all of us are gone. I was proud to have known him for the past 40+ years.
Peter GravesMy sincerest condolences. I only knew Terry from the many events that he attended where my orchestra was performing and he always had a friendly smile and kind words for us. Sad to hear...
Debbie MasonTerry Stiles was a humble, generous, honest, and fun loving man. His vision for Fort Lauderdale made it the incredible city it is today. His love for his company and his family, and his loyalty to those who worked with him was such an inspiration to see. He was great to serve with on boards, always pushing organizations to be the best they could be in service to their missions. His legacy is large, as was his capacity to care. He will be greatly missed by so many.
Alicia PerezI worked at Stiles over ten years ago and I have a lot of good memories one that I will never forget was the confidence he had in his employees. Never did we feel pressured to do our job we all knew it had to be done but Terry would make us feel comfortable and that trust would automatically make us feel we had to give it our best. I will always appreciate the opportunity he gave me to be part of his remarkable Company.
Keith Douglas from Keith Douglas Photography.I remember when I first started shooting I did a portrait of Terry for some local magazine must be 35 years ago or more, it was at some property near Prospect Rd. It only took about 30 mins. It was so long ago I couldn't find the negative for the photo to post. My condolences to the family and all the good people at Stiles who had a chance to work & lean from him.
Lorraine Pearce GoldbergI am so sorry to hear about the lost of Terry. I know he will be missed. My sincere condolences. I met Terry in school. My parents had moved me from New Jersey in my senior year of high school. New Jersey schools did not start back to school until the day after Labor Day and my parents did not realize that Florida schools started back earlier. Here I am starting a new school, I am a northern, and I am about 2 weeks late starting so I have three strikes against me. It was Terry who made me feel welcome. That is the kind of person Terry was. I am so glad I was able to see him at our 50 year class party.
Kevin BuckleyTerry was a man for whom I have had great respect over the past thirty years. When I started in my career in real estate he was someone i aspired to be like. As I got to know him we became friends. He was in many ways a mentor to me. Terry was one of the most thoughtful, direct and down to earth people I have ever met. I will miss him as will our community as he made many visionary & outstanding contributions to our great City. My sincere condolences to his family, may he rest in peace
John BraunTerry you will be greatly missed! My sincerest condolences to the entire Stiles family.
Wayne Scott (Wilmington NC)I was so very sad and sorry to hear of my good friend's passing. Please extend my sympathy to the entire family and let them know how much I share in their pain at this sad time. Terry & I shared many common things together at NE (football, key club, dating, trips, water skiing, fishing, cars) & always had loads of fun. On one fishing trip we were trolling off Lauderdale & I was at the helm. Terry had a strike & it was a sailfish that jumped straight-up out of the water. Oh! what a beautiful sight. At that same moment the boat engine stalled & would not start. We both were in a tizzy. Terry reeled him in, had him mounted & hung him on his bedroom wall. ‘True friends are the ones who never leave your heart, even if they leave your life for a while. Even after years apart, you pick up with them right where you left off, and even if they die they're never dead in your heart.’
Gail Bulfin on behalf of Eric Roth and the Port Everglades Advocacy Team (PEAT)In a message sent to our 70+ PEAT members including legislators, we shared the sentiments below regarding the death of Terry. - It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our friend, leader and founding PEAT Chair, Terry Stiles. Terry literally took the bull by the horns when challenged by the Port to help galvanize the business community in support of Port Everglades and the critical channel widening and deepening project. Terry invested countless hours learning the ins and outs of the importance of this project and led multiple teams of business leaders and elected officials to Tallahassee and Washington, DC in support of the project. As a result, the Port Everglades administrative team was able to stand together with Port customers and business leaders when making their case to officials. In 2016, the widening and deepening project at Port Everglades was finally approved and our community owes Terry Stiles a sincere debt of gratitude for all his efforts in seeing this through. When details for his service become available, we will share them with the team. On behalf of the entire Port Everglades Advocacy Team, I know you join us in expressing our grief and sadness to Terry’s family and the Stiles organization. His work will continue on in Broward County’s Port Everglades and we can nod to the heavens as new, larger vessels enter the Port through a more secure and safe harbor channel. Godspeed Terry.
Gale (Burke) EvansIt is so sad that the world has lost such a very unique and talented man, but now heaven has gained another angel! I will always remember Terry's beautiful smile. From high school forward, he had the innate gift of lighting up a room, and his laugh was contagious and unforgettable! My deepest condolences to his wife, children, and family. Rest in peace, my friend. You will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved you.
Cheryl (bebout) RhoadsSo very sorry to hear of this terrible loss. He looked great at our 50th reunion. My condolences to his family.
Cheryl (Benoi
Van MuschanyTresa and the whole Stiles family, Please accept my deepest condolences through this difficult time. Terry left such an impression on everyone in S. FL through his hardwork which can be seen in our skyline! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Best regards, Van Muschany Ritz Safety
Frazier SolsberryI was a year behind Terry at Northeast. I served as student council VP when he was Prersident. Terry's great success was no surprise. He showed me all of those years ago how to run an organization by exmple and inspiration rather than by force or intimidation. I feel lucky to have had an opportunity to renew our friendship at the last Northeast reunion. Sincere condolences to Terry's family and friends.
Lisa BrennanFrom all of us at General Building Services, Inc - Barrier Cable Constructors, we would like to extend our condolences to Terry's family, friends, colleagues & employees. Though I have not had the honor of meeting Terry Stiles he is man who cannot and will never be forgotten. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
Roger WattsDear Family and Friends of Terry Stiles; Our prayers and hearts are with you in this time of great loss. Let the words of others bring you encouragement. Let the Word of God bring you peace. Terry and I had a few minutes at the Northeast 50th Reunion. He told me of his cancer. He smiled and with his usual optimistic humor and strength said that he was ready. I know that he meant for whatever, the fight, the victory, or whatever. Terry and I go back to the earliest days of Northeast High. We played football together but traveled in different social circles. However, I never saw his popularity as a teenager or his power as a successful prince of the city set him apart. His gentle humility stood in huge contrast to his power. It has been a part of his strength. In the few encounters we have shared since high school, all of them at Northeast Reunions, Terry called my name, asked how it was going, and spoke words of encouragement and affirmation. I always felt better after a moment with him. I call that class. I call that grace. I call that the real measure of a great man. Terry will be remembered for many years because of the awesome things he has helped to build. Yet, as I read these many accolades and tributes I join a huge crowd of others who will remember Terry for his positive influence in their lives. Thanks, Terry. Go in Peace.
Susan Stephens HillMy condolences to his beautiful wife and family ! This is a terrible loss to everyone who knew Terry! He was a super guy who never forgot where he came from! I had lots of great times with him! He will be missed by everyone who knew him! Never heard any negative word about him! RIP Love ya you were a great friend !
Samuel Yohanan with sons John & Samuel DTerry was a pioneer in South Florida and will be sorely missed. Our thinking of the family and friends at this most difficult time and may each day bring added peace and comfort.
Eric SwansonI loved Terry first as a competitor, a colleague, then a good friend. He had a huge influence in my life because of his leadership of people, his humbleness, his diligence in any effort, his dedication to always doing the right thing and do it well. There are so few like him, I will miss him greatly.
Dennis KaneWe will always remember the many great deeds and accomplishments of our friend, Terry Stiles: "The CLASS of '65!".
Selma SavageMy thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
John ForemanJamie and Carrie, So sorry to hear about your loss. What a legacy he left and I am sure he was very proud of his family.
Michael YianilosI met Terry when I first joined the Stiles Financial Services team in 2012. My first investment committee meeting, with Terry at the head of the table, showed me how a true leader operates. Sharp, inquisitive, persistent, respectful, optimistic, and decisive are the best words to describe him. He was a champion of Fort Lauderdale/Broward County and a great mentor to many people. I'm so honored to have worked with him and proud to work for his company to carry forward his legacy under Ken's leadership.
Gregory KimmelmanI was so fortunate to have known and been a part of Terry's vision for our community, our people and our company for nearly 22 years. In so many positive ways, my personal and professional career have been molded directly or indirectly by Terry. His values and integrity permeate and are interwoven into the fabric of Stiles. Whether working directly with Terry himself (which I was fortunate to do over many years) or with others who were fortunate to have worked with Terry for so many years, you couldn't help but be swept up by his persona...his positivity, energy, humanity, humility and teamwork to mention a few.
Lisa ApicellaEven when Terry didn't attend the golf tournament.. he was there! We made sure of it! He will always be there, in our hearts from here on out.
Gregory KimmelmanI was so fortunate to have known and been a part of Terry's vision for our community, our people and our company for nearly 22 years. In so many positive ways, my personal and professional career have been molded directly or indirectly by Terry. His values and integrity permeate and are interwoven into the fabric of Stiles. Whether working directly with Terry himself (which I was fortunate to do over many years) or with others who were fortunate to have worked with Terry for so many years, you couldn't help but be swept up by his persona...his positivity, energy, humanity, humility and teamwork to mention a few.
Cathy MurphyI started my professional career at Stiles Corporation in 1990. Terry set the bar high and throughout my career no one has ever come close to his integrity. My most memorable experience was when Terry carried the Olympic torch in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Rest in peace Terry.
Judy CarterTerry was a leader, visionary and great mentor and I could not be more proud to say I worked with him, not just for him. He walked beside you to give support, guidance and understanding in order to see his vision. There will never be another Terry and his dreams will live on. I've never met a more sincere, giving, sharing, friendly and warm hearted soul and I will greatly miss him and he will never be forgotten. All my love to Jamie, Ken, Tresa, Carrie and family. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Chuck MalkusI'll always remember one of Terry's achievements with "Friends of the Airport" in the long battle to extend Fort Lauderdale's airport runway. Terry took charge of this important community initiative and although the journey took much longer than expected, today, our airport is one of the major reasons tourism, including TV and Film, remains strong. The airport achievement is 1 of many that I'm proud to be associated with Terry in accomplishing for this community. His heart is larger than any numbers associated with his business and Terry will always be remembered for going the extra mile. God Bless the entire family. Chuck
John ForsythTerry was always one of those "special guys" that always had the time of day for you, regardless of your standing. He was a unique gentleman and I will miss him and all he has done for all of us.
Scott FoxAlthough I did not know Mr. Stiles as well as many, I did know him to be very thoughtful of others, appreciative, very respectable, and successful businessman and leader. All too often we lose those close to us too early, but the memories we share with one another last a lifetime. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this most difficult time. Please know that his leadership and friendship lives on in each of us. Sincerely, Scott Fox
Gary Troyer VP Andreu & Associates, Inc.Prayers for Terry's family in this difficult time. His memories will provide strength for the future. Proud to have been a team member of his construction company on several projects.
Joseph P. McKeoghIt is with great sorrow for the family and respect for Mr. Stiles that I summit this thought. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your organization in the past. It was an honor for me and my organization. May he rest in Peace with a Smile on His Face. Thank you Terry.
Joan WalleyMy condolences to the family, friends and Stiles Corporation. Terry was a great person and will always be remembered as a leader of the community.
Billy romanoMy heart goes out o the entire Stiles family. I worked for this great man for 17 years. I can still feel the anxiety when I would see him pull up to the job site. Because I had so much respect for him I didn't want to disappoint him. We would walk the job and at the end he would give me his thoughts always in a positive way. I always felt like I was on cloud 9 when he left. That's just the way he was. Terry was a huge influence in my life and I carry the values he instilled in me every day. I am truly blessed to have had this man in my life. Until we meet again Terry, "Wilbur".
Janet HowardI was blessed to be a part of the ‘Stiles’ family for 20 years. Terry will always be remembered in my heart for his kindness and encouragement, for all the fun and all the accomplishments. I know the pain his family is suffering, but know that he is in the comforting arms of Jesus now where there is no pain. He was someone I admired and respected and I know I’m not alone there, but he will be missed. Praying for those who loved him most. May God bless you and bring you closer together in your love for Terry. He was a very special man.
Steve HamiltonMy most heartfelt condolences to Jamie, Kenny, Tresa, Carrie, Donna, Carole and the entire family as well as all is friends and company employees. For 61 years I have known Terry and was lucky enough to be considered his friend. I will miss him terribly but will forever cherish the fond memories of our times together. His legacy will live on forever.
Harold BennettMy condolences to the Stiles family. We lost something special. Honest, humble, and kind. Always had time to talk when he saw you. My prayers are with you in this difficult time. God bless you all.
Jonathan HeldenbrandI have always admired Terry's work. His projects were first class, but what I truely admired was the integrity and manner in which he conducted business. A true icon!
J James JungeThank you for the inspiration and opportunities.
Vanessa Costigan WalkerDear Theresa and Carrie, and all of the Stiles family, I wanted to extend my condolences. As a board member at Jack & Jill Children's Center, I was always hearing of the contributions and personal support made by your father. He was a fantastic contributing member of our community, and everyone was so proud of his works and admired his name. Although a sad time for your family, what pride and joy should be felt by a life well lived. Sincerely, Vanessa
Bill HustedMy memories of Terry go back to the 70s when I was a public relations representative for him as he was first starting out in the construction business. Our paths crossed again in the 80s when I was director of the Executives' Association of Fort Lauderdale and he joined our organization. It's been many years since I've seen Terry but what I remember most is the admiration he had for his father. Had his father been alive today, he'd be immensely proud of Terry's accomplishments.
Don SmileyLove you Terry. We had so many good times and I'll never forget your deep laugh. Your fingerprints are all over Fort Lauderdale and I'm proud to have been your friend. Wayne Huizenga introduced us and I'll forever be grateful for that. I pray that the next generation has the vision you had and follow in your footsteps. See you in the future.
Marisa Mardigian SpiliosI am so saddened to hear about Terry, and so sorry for the Stiles family for this loss. When I was a 21-year-old marketing major graduate, Stiles Corporation was my first job out of college. Terry was a kind, strong company leader and knew us all on a first name basis, which was so impressive. I truly valued knowing him and working for such a wonderful company with great people. Please accept my condolences and prayers, and know that I have all good memories of my time working for and with Terry. Best wishes, Marisa Mardigian Spilios
John P. SchuenzelWhat a man! Like so many others, I have the highest respect for he and his team. I feel so privileged to have met Terry in my early real estate carrier. As a fellow racer I have two words for you Terry, God Speed!
Michael CounselmanI didn't know about his illness. I'm heartbroken I couldn't come visit with him & shoot the sh**. There is a huge void in my life knowing he is not here. RIP speed racer. You were a cool dude. Love Dirtbag.
Barb Sheridan Terry was like a magnet, whereas, people were drawn to him. He was kind, handsome, funny, honorable, a mentor, the list is endless. He was my friend and hero. My heart aches for Jamie, Tresa, Carrie and Kenny, for Carole and Donna, for his beautiful grandchildren, loving family and friends. I thank God for having given me this special person to be my friend and for so many fond memories that will never fade. May you rest in peace my dear friend.
Suzanne BrittI was sad to hear of Terry's passing. I know he was well loved and respected by us all. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. With sincerest sympathy, Suzanne Britt
Jacqui BlakeMy warmest and heartfelt sympathy to both of Terry’s families – the ones he gathered around the dinner table and the ones he chose in personal and business. Warm and supportive, he was the barometer for good – a true ‘white hat’. He leaves a legacy and blueprint for shaping skylines, sharing smiles, embracing integrity and supporting one another in business and community; Fort Lauderdale and the Southeast are profoundly different because the Stiles name means something. For that, I thank you sir and wish your families peace and comfort.
Mark EllertA man of passion, compassion, vision and tenacity. May Cutnail be forever blessed with fair winds and a following sea.
Lynn Stevens BillingsleyTerry and I went to school together. Back in the 60's our parents were good friends. My dad was JW Bill Stevens and in those days he was Mayor of Oakland Park and then a Broward County Commissioner. Mom and Dad often joined the Stiles family for function in Lazy Lakes. In high school Terry was our class leader - always kind and considerate of others - I honestly can't remember anyone who didn't think the world of him. Unfortunately I was not able to attend our 50th reunion but was able to send him a note and let him know how my family always kept up with him. My husband was a graduate of UofF Building Construction which Stiles Corporation contributed to many of their functions. My nephew, Steven Fortner, went to Gibbons with Ken, so my sister would see Terry at their functions. And Dad was always making sure we knew what a success Terry became. When I saw Terry's picture I immediately saw his Dad, Harold, and I know he too was so very proud of his son. My sister and I both now live in the Ft Walton Beach area up in the panhandle - if you are ever this way please visit. I shall miss my buddy but know God is taking good care of him. Love and prayers to the entire family - Lynn
Pat BergerTeresa, So sorry to read about your Dads passing. I understand he was quite a guy and very well respected not only at Coral Ridge but also in the Community of Ft. Lauderdale. We hope his legacy and love will comfort you and yours. Sincerely, Pat & John Berger
Christopher PollockWhen I was the President of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, I was always deeply happy to work with Terry. Of all of the business leaders that I dealt with, Terry was the most caring & supportive. As we worked on the airport runway expansion, I could always count on his support and insight. I am deeply saddened by his loss but privileged to have known Terry.
Sister John NortonMy heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of Terry Stiles. Although I did not know Terry well he was most gracious and friendly when we met. Following his surgery for cancer Terry was on my prayer list daily. He was many things to many people. RIP
Rob KWe all agree Terry was a hero, visionary and entrepreneur who lived a fuller life than I’ve ever seen one man do. We all have stores; my story is: When I first met Terry it was at a Cardinal Gibbons High School Football game where his son Kenny and my son Michael played. The team really needed new jerseys, equipment, etc. As soon as Terry heard this, he said Rob let’s get 10 people together at $1K each and start the “First Team”. We did and the “First Team” is still in existence today providing new lockers, jerseys, equipment etc. Rest in Peace Terry
Francisco SarmientoMy deepest sympathies go out to all the Stiles family, workers & friends.
Martin Cuadra, PEI am so glad to have met Terry and have had an active participation on some of his dream projects that became reality. Terry was a gentleman all the way around and I always heard nothing but positive things about him and his demeanor. There is no doubt that he planted the right seeds with his family and his kids will be able to run with his banner. Good bye Terry.
FireMedic EliteThe first time I remember seeing the Stiles name was when I was 17 years old and was a delivery driver taking sub sandwiches to one of his offices for lunch. 31 years later I was honored and privileged enough to help care for Mr. Stiles along with my fellow firefighter/paramedics. I only had a very short time to get to know him but thats all anyone needs to understand what a great man and strong leader he was. I learned a lot in that short amount of time. Thank you Terry. My sympathies go out to the entire Stiles family. -Bill Gordon
Stephen BotekWe would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the entire Stiles family at this difficult time. Terry's mark on the South Florida community and beyond will never be forgotten.
Fort Lauderdale Historical SocietyTerry Stiles made history through his incredibly successful businesses. But he also changed Broward's landscape through his generosity to local nonprofits. Historical Society is honored to have been one of those agencies. His time, talent, and treasure made Broward County a better place to live. The Society is privileged to steward and share his story for years to come.
Vince Johnson, Former VP of Business and Industry, Broward AllianceTerry Stiles has left an indelible mark on the local landscape of Broward County in so many different ways. I will never forget the time when my organization was trying to host a Minority Business Conference, to help stimulate growth among Broward County's small business sector. Stiles Corporation was the first to allocate resources toward sponsoring the event which was a phenomenal success for those less fortunate in business than himself. So much energy, drive and focus, his vision was like an eagle that could peer down and find the hidden value and pent up potential in the most unlikely areas. He possessed an infectious, warm smile, and was first class all the way. A mentors, mentor. Thank you, Terry, for all you have done, and will continue to do for us via The Stiles Family and its contributions to our local community.
Susan SmithI want to convey my condolences to the entire Stiles Family. Terry and Phil were such great business friends. I don't know who respected who more. Phil had such wonderful things to say about Terry, and I know they both wanted to pass on their "business sense " to their children and grandchildren. Terry was indeed a very special man in all areas of life. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Susan
Roni LeidermanDeep condolences to Terry's family and friends. He was a most kind, generous, brilliant, amazing man. Every contact I had with him was always positive and supportive. It was an honor to know Terry and he will be dearly missed.
Cathy and James DonnellyOur hearts go out to Jamie, Ken, Teresa, Carrie and your families and to all of Terry's colleagues at Stiles. Terry is an inspiration to all of us to continue his work of making our community great for everyone. It was an honor to know him.
Derrick W ForthIt was a pleasure to know Terry and to work with him.I was with General Crane and I knew that any job performed by the Stiles corporation would be done right. God bless.
Kash Fallahzadeh I am sending my condolences for the passing of Terry. He was a true inspiration to us all.
Ron DrewTerry will be so sorely missed. He was truly one of a kind and beloved in the community. He made Greater Fort Lauderdale a wonderful place to live and work. Deepest condolences to the family and the entire Stiles team.
Barbara Liberatore BlackI met Terry in the early 80's when he was taking over the business from his dad and he had most of his real estate in Cypress Creek. Later I was representing Merrill Lynch and we stood looking out the window of the Sun Sentinel building where he envisioned what Las Olas would look like years down the road. Merrill ended up being the prelease tenant to start of his first big office project on Las Olas and the rest was history. Terry was always a gentleman, had great vision, gave back to the community, had wonderful friends, and had an cute sense of humor! It was a huge honor to have known him over the years - he always made a point to say hi. Regardless of his success, he remained humble and eager to do the next deal. Even in his last months he wanted to leave his legacy on Las Olas for a great project to com and it will happen as I know Stiles will fulfill that dream. He will be missed.
John HeinenMet Terry in 2013 for the first time as a partner in a real estate deal in North Georgia. Amazing guy, upbeat, positive and one of the most open and generous people I have known in my 35 years in many different kinds of businesses. The world is just a bit diminished with his absence and I am sure his legacy will continue. Best wishes to his family in this difficult time.
Karen ShermanStiles was my very first real job when I was 19 years old. My love for Stiles has only grown over these many years where I consider everyone including Terry, my family. My life has been truly rewarding because of Stiles being a huge part of it. I will always be appreciative and thankful for Terry and his family making my life a better place because he gave me a job (twice!) and believed in me.
Pike RowleyTerry was an inspiration to all of us in the business community of Ft. Lauderdale. He set a standard for conducting business and giving back to the community that will not be matched. I am thankful to have known him. My prayers to family, friends and co-workers, we lost a great leader here.
McKenzie ResczenskiI honestly don't feel that there are enough words to describe how wonderful of a person Terry was. Ever since he married my cousin, Jamie, he treated her family as his own. I always felt so welcomed and comfortable talking with Terry. After I graduated high school, Terry and Jamie allowed for myself and one of my friends to come stay with them for a week. I will never forget those memories we made with Jamie and Terry. They made sure we had the time of our lives. I am very grateful to have known a man like Terry. I will never forget him and his kind smile. He was a big city guy with a small town heart. Your Southern Illinois Family loves you and will miss you dearly.
Daisy Solano VanderlaanWhat an amazing person Mr. Terry Styles was. I worked for him in 1988 and he was always happy smiling professional and humble. I was just 20 at the time and I worked as a file clerk in the records room. Terry always made me feel just as important and respected as his CEO. He was like a father figure to me. A great man. May you rest in peace with the comfort of God.
Janet NathanWhat a great loss to the family, community, as well as to the company. I remember when I started with Stiles, when we were still on Andrews avenue, and I ran into him in the elevator. I don't think I was there two weeks yet. He looked at me and said your the new girl in accounting, Janet, welcome aboard. That was Terry. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Stiles Family and Team.
Jon and Lori LevinsonFirst, our sincerest condolences to the Stiles family and organization. I first met Terry probably 40+ years ago sharing a bond of both being born in Cincinnati. I enjoyed immensely our shared work in Community organizations together. His insight and passion for every person and project he was involved in was infectious. He was an incredibly warm person. I can remember telling him about a friend of ours who lived down the road from him on Lake Burton. The next thing I knew he had called our friends to invite them to dinner! I will be focusing my thoughts on Terry's accomplishments in the relationships he built, not on structures. His friendships were strong and lasting. Something we all won't soon forget.
Robert M Bennett,A.A.E.May you rest in peace and not worry, you're work will carry on your legacy for many years to come. We are all blessed and fortunate for your everlasting footprint on south Florida. May you're works serve to inspire future generations. Rest well!
Andy CagnettaWhat a legacy Terry leaves in this community! His contribution to our skyline will forever be a part of Fort Lauderdale. If they build a Mt Rushmore of Fort Lauderdale, Terry should be on it. And being super successful never seemed to change him, I will always remember Terry as a regular guy. He was always genuine, friendly, inquiring about how my business or family was doing, and willing to help get things done when asked. We will miss Terry, but feel good his company and his projects will live on.
Bill SonntagBuilt a great company. Gave back to the community and was very humble with his accomplishments. He always took the time to engage with anyone he came in contact with. He will be missed but his legacy he created will carry on. My heartfelt prayers go out to his family. He will be missed but not forgotten.
Bunnie WillisI have known Terry for over 25 years and have always found him to be just a regular guy in addition to his larger than life persona in the CRE world. He always took the time to say a few words to everyone no matter who you were or what you did. South Florida was blessed to have his involvement in our community and he will be missed very much.
Jose RiveraI am an avid reader of commercial real estate. Besides admiring Wayne Huizenga for all his business accomplishments, there is only one man that always stood out in my mind in commercial real estate. He created some of the most beautiful buildings of downtown Fort Lauderdale. That man was Terry Stiles. He will surely be missed by thousands of people. RIP Terry Stiles.
Jon FerrandoTerry Stiles was a founding father of today's Fort Lauderdale. Not only do Stiles buildings shape the landscape of Fort Lauderdale, but he was a remarkable leader that got things done for our community. He was extraordinarily charitable. Most important, he positively impacted a tremendous number of people in so many ways. He will be missed dearly but has left behind a great legacy. I offer my most sincere condolences to the Stiles Family.
Tim NotoMr. Stiles was an incredible mentor to me and I am forever indebted to him for many things. I'll miss you sir.
John Perrone- Legacy Realty Services, LLC.Terry, You will be remembered as a Great Freind in Real Estate. The South Florida Area will miss you! Best Regards Sir!
Tom DrumAs a young entrepreneur owning a fledgling plumbing wholesaler called Plumb-Rite, after a meeting with Terry, he instructed his Irrigation Unit to use me as their primary account. Their business helped my propel Plumb-Rite into a multi-million business. Terry was exceptionally kind to those that he saw kindness in, and the ability to work tirelessly for their business. He exemplified that effort. He helped so many people along the way, and I fell blessed that our paths crossed. But, I always called him Mr. Stiles, because he earned and deserved that RESPECT!
Bill NegronStiles Construction was one of the 1st companies I became acquainted with when I moved to Florida. It was obvious that they were a reputable GC in the industry. His staff was very courteous and respectful. Many today have been there numerous years for a reason. Class act and he will be sorely missed
Susan and Bill TelliYou were such a great part of our community and you leave messed by all of the heart group at Broward General thank you Terry
Rena J SchumacherMy sincerest condolences to all the Stiles family on your loss. Terry was an amazing leader and founded a company that has class and integrity. He loved people and I was fortunate to get to know Terry and all the wonderful people in his company for the past 19 years. I am also a NAWIC member and it was because of Terry and the Stiles Organization that our Chapter thrived and grew. Thank you Terry for all the love and support you gave to me and all our NAWIC members. I will never forget the 50th Anniversary event with Terry as our guest speaker. RIP Terry
Gaynel Smith, Broward Workshop (Administrative Coordinator)While at Broward Workshop Meeting a few months ago, I had the opportunity to share with Terry, how he was on my prayer wall and he further shared how several persons have been telling him how much they were praying for him and he was humbled by it. Our last meeting in June, I had the opportunity to help him with his jacket and shared in brief laughter, not knowing I wouldn't be seeing him again. The joy about Terry is that he lives on as we walk around the Fort Lauderdale Downtown and its surrounding. I will remember him every time I see a flight take off on the South Runway at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. To his family I say...... he has made his mark and left imprints to remind you on those lonely and sad days that all will be well. Cry when you must, then remember him in fondness and laughter...... look around ...... he is right there!!
Carol SchweitzerTerry Stiles - how much you will be missed! My thoughts are with your family and all who followed and cared for you, and who wish to continue your wonderful legacy. Heartfelt Blessings wished to you all!
Joe GoldsteinMy deepest condolences to Terry's family, friends, and colleagues. Terry was such a gift to all, and his contributions will long be remembered. I have a vivid memory of Terry where we were next to each other at a Community Event “gambling” at craps. No money was at stake and the fake gambling mattered little, but he had a big grin on his face and was clearly enjoying the evening and the company of others. It was a true honor to know him.
CUTNAILNow as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."
Bill StephensonTerry will be sorely missed. He was a major contributor to the success and growth of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. He always conducted himself with the highest degree of professionalism and competence and made you feel you were doing business with a friend who valued ones relationship over the deal. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Terry ScottSo sorry to hear of the passing of Terry. I knew him at North East High and through my brother Wayne, as they were close friends in high school. We enjoyed following Terry's success over the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and all the employees at Stiles, as he touched so many people in his life.
Jan CrockerMy heart is so saddened by the loss of Terry. For sure, he was a very special guy! I have many wonderful memories of working to build MODS. Terry impacted the community everyday. His smile, his laugh, his spirit , his foresight, his commitment will forever be in my thoughts! My prayers are with all his family. Terry will be missed!
David AbramsI had the opportunity to work with Terry on some sports facility projects in conjunction with H. Wayne Huizenga. Like Wayne, Terry was outstanding at what he does, enjoyable to work with, and set an example for everyone he touched. I also had the chance to race cars with him from time to time. Terry was a blast to hang with on the track, and fast too! He will be missed by many, I am sure of that. My condolences to his family.
Roger Wishner I have the honor and privilege to work side-by-side with Terry and many projects within the city of sunrise. One of the projects was the Sunrise public safety building. His dedication passion and love of community showed throughout the process. He will be missed but never forgotten. He truly was an icon in Broward County. We are a better community because of Terry. Rest in peace my friend.
Linda SeitelMy heartfelt condolences. So sorry for your loss.
Norm and Jane TrippTerry was always our friend and we will miss him dearly. We shared many good times over the years. Our love to his family.
Lisa KingMy deepest sympathy to the whole Stiles Corp. family at the passing of your amazing leader. Although he left an incredible legacy of buildings throughout the South Florida skyline, they are dwarfed by his legacy as a really great human being.
Jeff WolfeMy sincere thoughts and prayers are with the Stiles family. I have always enjoyed and cherished the opportunity to work with Terry Stiles and his team on real estate projects, community services and events. Terry Stiles is a roll model for our community today and his vision and drive will serve as a legacy for future generations.
Rick and Cobbie DanzanskyI have many fond memories of Terry, most of all his selflessness and ability to laugh at himself. He was his own best target for self effacing humor. Nothing that he accomplished was too grand to make you feel that what you were working on was more important or better! The top of his skyrocketing high rises was where he "put you" in every conversation. I will never forget his quick smile and laugh (nor his golf one could forget that), but will sure miss our "lunches" on Las Olas and our ocassional emails and texts. Even during the height of his illness he had "time" to assist (me) in outreaching to his team of doctors and confidants. It is hard to "understand" the purpose in his early departure from this earth, but his legacy is indelibly impressed in my thoughts. Like EVERYONE, I too will miss him dearly. Jamie I still smile at our time together in Las Vegas. I hope that your sadness will be as brief as possible and that soon you will break out in that uncontrollable smile when you are at a traffic light or in your home or at the supermarkert when something "funny" that Terry said or did comes to mind. Cobbie and I remember vividly China Town in NYC...someday we can laugh at that story together. All our Love Rick and Cobbie Danzansky
Carlos J ArboledaOur thoughts and prayers are with you all at Stiles Family and Team Stiles. -CJA
Jill Williams (formerly Green)Terry was not only a wonderful person to work for and ran a wonderful company that I was privileged to work in for 15 years (only left as I remarried and my husband worked in Texas), but I know the generosity and kindness of this man. When my late husband was killed, Terry made sure I was taken care of and supported. Nothing was too much to trouble. I am eternally grateful to him. And the people I worked with are still my friends today due to the "family" atmosphere he created. It was an honor, sir.
JIll GullTo Terry's family, My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Terry is a great man and I am honored to be an employee of his company.
Terry DiVincenzoA caring and wonderful man to work for. When I was with the company, and needed a call back from someone, I would say quickly "This is Terry at Stiles", which always got me an immediate call back. One day I ran into Terry in the elevator, and he said "So you're the other Terry Stiles", and we both had a laugh.
Rayda L. MenendezMy heart goes out to the Stiles Family. One of the best places one could work, I made a lot of long time friends there. Rest in peace Terry, you were a Great Man!
Sherry Rainey He was a kind man. Bartow and I had good times @ Fishing tournaments in the Bahamas. So sorry for your loss. It's hard , I know. Bartow passed away 4 months ago.....
Michael and Lisa ReardenWe are so sorry for you loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very sad time.
Bernie and Rosy FernandezMy thoughts and prayers with all of you during this difficult time. I will never forget him and the wonderful moments we shared playing golf or on the boat-- I am better for having known Terry and we will miss him dearly.
Johnathan and Shannon RobertsonWe are thinking about you Ken
Kathy & Andy MitchellWe both wanted to send our condolences to you all at this difficult time. We are praying for you and know you are cherishing his life well lived and the memories you created together. Blessings to you all.
Tushar Kulkarni - ExcelizePlease accept our deep condolences for the loss of the great soul! We have been benefited indirectly by his great vision! Rest in peace Terry!
Tom and Kathy KirbyWe are so saddened by Terry's passing. He was an incredible man.
Debra StoltzMy sincerest condolences to his family and his staff. It was an honor to work with him over the years. Such a loss to this community that he loved so much.
George BoueTerry was an honorable man who was guided by principles of honesty and respect for everyone. His family, friends, and the associates at Stiles have been fortunate to have had him in our lives. My condolences to the family. We will miss him.
Twyla GettertSending my deepest condolences.
Laurie SallaruloTerry will be sorely missed by our community. He had the vision, persistence and courage to challenge the status quo. He was humbled by the challenges he faced early in his career and always stayed true to his values. I always had such respect and admiration for him and appreciate the times we got together and worked together. I will remember them fondly. My deepest condolences to his family as they get through this difficult time.
Michael & Linda CounselmanWe are tremendously saddened to hear this news and send our heartfelt condolences to the family. Terry was more than a great boss, leader & mentor. He was a true friend & wonderful human being who understood how to pay it forward. We'll never forget that sparkle in his eye and that contagious laugh. He will be sorely missed.
Uncle Bob SteinWhenever we lose a beloved family member like Terry, or dear friend, I am reminded of a few bible verses - we call them the "Time For" verses - here they are* "There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for everything under the heavens." "A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant." "A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance." We can't possibly not mourn Terry - a person of humongous compassion, sharing, giving, dedication, and most importantly - Love! But knowing Terry - he would tell us not to mourn - but to dance! Terry we will do our best to dance - but we are sure going to miss you at the party! We all know "that everything that has a beginning has an ending"--this, of course, applies to our lives as well as most other things. So, Terry, for now it is "Goodbye" - and for many of us it is -- "See You Soon"! With Much Love --God Speed! Uncle Bob *ECCL 4; vs 1,2&4
Kelly HellerMy sincere condolences to the Stiles Family. Terry was a great man and business leader. I enjoyed and had the pleasure of working at Stiles Corporation. Terry developed and maintained an amazing company that is still the driving force in the community. His life and legacy will live on. Rest In Peace Terry!
Kim SweersThose we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed. Terry's legacy is all around us in our community. May it give you comfort on the days you miss him so much. His buildings will surround you and will be a constant reminder that he's walking besides you everyday, watching over you with the greatest love from above. God Bless Kim Sweers
maria gonzalezMy deepest condolences for the Stiles family. May the Lord give you peace in your hearts in this sad time.
Debbie McCardleSo sorry for your loss. Thinking of all the kids, Cole, Annalise, Madison and Jake, and holding you all in my heart and prayers.
Laura MartinSo sorry for your loss. I did not know your father but he must have been a great dad to raise such great children and grandchildren.. Take comfort in the fact that he will live in you and your children.
Aimee AlfonsoAlthough I only worked at Stiles for less then two years due to my husband's military transfer, it was one of the best working experiences I have had. Terry Stiles always said hello when I saw him, always asked if all was good which is rare for most leaders of a successful company to do. I loved that he dressed up like Santa iat the holiday party. Stiles was a great company with family values. I send prayers of strength and love to his family at this time and wish Ken the best in contuing the legacy.
Barb BrileyHis family was blessed....his love for his family and friends were enormous...I was blessed I got to see first hand his strong bond with his sisters, Donna and Carole and they will never forget those sweet memories.....he was bigger than life itself....we all will miss him...sympathy to his wife, Jaime and his precious children and to all...
Christine GunnI worked with pre-con, handling all blue prints & specs for all up coming projects. Hands down the best company I've ever worked for. Terry always had a smile on his face whenever you saw him. Best memory I have is he would send an email out to all stating. It's a beautiful afternoon let's get out of here early today. I've attached a picture of my daughter Hayley, the middle picture (25 yrs old now) at a picnic Terry threw for us. Have more but I can't get to them. Terry you will be truly & deeply missed.
Cecelia LeBlancWe are grateful for the way Mr Stiles mentored Jason LeBlanc at The Waterfall Club. Prayers for your family as you mourn the loss of this great man.
Kathy and Buddy TuchmanDear Kenny, Britt, and the rest of the Stiles family, We wanted to express our sincerest condolences on the passing of your father. He was larger than life, with a heart to match. Remember him with kindness, as we all will. Kathy and Bud Tuchman
Pat HinzeMay peace with you during this difficult time. Truly a man of greatness.
Andrea WaltersTerry was a friend and client. Always pleasant and kind, he was a delightful person to do business with and to be around. I am privileged to have known him. My warm condolences go out to all of Terry's family and friends. He is a bright spot in my memory. Rest In Peace Terry.
Wanda Mathis Regensdorf IrwinSo sad for your family. I have known Terry since Wilton Manors Elementary School. He was nice then and throughout his life.
Colleen RaglandJamie, I'm saddened to know of your loss. It will be hard, but let your memories give you strength & guidance in your life to come. I send love.
Robin Harper - WhiteheadTerry came into our world when he met Jamie! I loved him the first time I met him. He welcomed my daughter and one of friends to their home as a graduation gift and showed them a BIG time, made them feel like stars. He welcomed me into his home and allowed two girls to remrmber old times when they were little even acted like he enjoyed our stories. He lived our little county and his smile could warm any heart. You see I knew he was smart, great businessman and very successful BUT the Terry that you fell in love with was that big heart, big smile and down to earth guy. My heart is sad, sad for not seeing that big smile anymore, sad for the kids snd grandkids eho lost an AWESOME dad snd papa, sad gor his friends and family snd Sad For my cousin Jamie who lost the love of her life. Terry is flying high no more pain. Meet your loved ones and meet our special girl Heather by that River . PRAYERS TO EVERYONE who has been touched in snywsy by that SPECIAL GUY..Terry.
Jason LeBlancMy brother and mentor. I will always love you and what you have done for me and my family. Thank you for taking an interest in me both professionally and personally. My debt can never be repaid, but I will strive to lead as with your example.
Nick BanksI was deeply saddened to find out that my mentor and inspiration, Terry Stiles, had passed away. I worked at Stiles before starting my own company and can tell you that Terry has been a major and ongoing influence on my life, career, and the principles on which I have built my company. He encouraged and inspired me to do my best as a leader and to take risks. He led by example and was a courageous pioneer who completely shaped downtown Fort Lauderdale and many other places. He valued and loved his family, his employees, his community, our country and the commercial real estate industry. Even though I only worked for him for a short time over 15 years ago he always made time to say hello and ask with sincerity how I was and how my family was doing. I am proud to have known him and for all I learned from him. I worked at Stiles on 9/11 and I will never forget how he spoke to all of us from the heart in an impromptu meeting in the break room to ease our fears and inspire us. That day flags went up on all our properties, cranes, and anything else a flag could be hung on. To Mrs. Stiles, Tresa, Carrie, and Kenny I am so sorry for your loss. Please know your husband and dad left a lasting legacy in many people by the way he lived his life. Rest in peace Terry - you will be missed.
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Danilo GuisoKen & Family, I am really sorry for the loss of your Dad and family member. He is one of my favorite role model leaders that made me see things in a different light and flavor every time i spoke with him at Stiles. Terry will be missed in this town. My prayers are with you and your family. Take care and stay blessed Danilo Guiso Gallo Herbert Architects 954-918-7782
Tim and Lisa ModglinAlthough we didn't see Terry very often, he always lightened the mood when we did because he has such an infectious smile. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all his family and especially to my cousin Jamie, his wife. May you find peace in the memories you shared.
Sean Stepelton Teresa, Carrie & Kenny My heart breaks for you guys!!!Terry loved you all so so much. I'm gonna miss the heck out of him. Not many people 25 years in age difference can make me feel like we are good friends. That's how Terry made me feel though. Like a good friend. He offered me my first job at Elon before I graduated. Terry & the the Stiles Co. ended up being the most trusted business partner our family has ever dealt with. I'm going to miss him in those partner meetings. He always made me feel comfortable for asking a question that maybe I should have known. Terry knew more then anyone in the Room but always such a good listener & who truly did all to make you feel like an equal. I loved your Dad's heart & how he did things "The right way". Everybody knows what Terry built & has accomplished but the most important foundation he has ever built was you 3! This is the part of life we detest. Terry is in Heaven though & according to Gods promises the life he lives now is far better then the life he just lived. Hard to imagine considering how awesome he lived !! God now is a FOT. "Friend of Terry"! We are all left down here w the broken hearts but there will be a day when you all heal & this agony you feel now will one day turn into memories filled with smiles. & many memories you have !!!! I wish I could take away your pain. I love you guys & I am so sorry you lost your AWESOME Dad. :( Sincerely , Sean Stepelton.
Tony & Judie LodovicoCarrie and Jamie, We send our sincere condolences to you and your family at this very sad time. We met your Dad only once a long time ago, but he left such an impression on us. After reading the articles in the newspaper about his passing, we can certainly understand why so many describe him as "a larger than life" individual. What a beautiful legacy he leaves to his children and grandchildren. May the love and support of family and friends help to ease the pain and strengthen your memories. "Grief never ends. But it changes. It's a passage; not a sign of weakness nor lack of faith. It is the price of love." (Author unknown) Tony & Judie Lodovico Bristol, CT
Sarah Owen DelNegriOur thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Stiles Family. My mom (Karen Owen) spent lunch today sharing memories of Terry. I went to school with Tresa and Carrie. My mom went to Elementary School with Terry. She shared that they we're both Captains of the School Safety Patrols. I loved that story. Terry loved his family and I loved that most about him. He will be missed.
Pat Doering We will miss seeing Terry at St. Mark's Episcopal School. He was one of the most dedicated and supportive grandparents at school. Always there on the sidelines to cheer his grandchildren on. He lead by example and what a great example he was. Love the Stiles family. Our deepest condolences. The Doering Family
Darin WilliamsonMy thoughts and prayers to the Stiles family. You'll always hold a special place in my heart! XO -Darin
Emili and Tina BoginCondolences to the Stiles family. Jamie, we are praying for you all in that you may find peace and comfort knowing how much Terry meant to SO many. Our hearts are with you. 🙏
Lesli MonahanCarrie and Tresa, so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful man and a true inspiration and leader to our city. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your extended families. Love, the Monahans
Darin WilliamsonMy thoughts and prayers to the Stiles family. You'll always hold a special place in my heart! XO -Darin
Alexandria BrownMy heart is broken over the loss of Terry Stiles. I had the honor and privilege of knowing, working for and representing Stiles for 12 yrs. Terry was and will always be a shining star with his vision, wisdom, leadership, philanthropy and love for family & friends. Terry impacted me and taught me that "Everything is an opportunity to learn help others...and to always keep growing." Rest In Peace Dear Terry!! To the Stiles Family, please know that we are sharing in your sorrow and words cannot heal the pain of losing Terry, but we are lifting you up in prayer.
Sandy Baker Terry was an amazing man! He always made time for me - lunch @ YOLO - including sage advice and a sense of humor. I'm grateful to have bumped into him at the Yacht Club several months ago when he joked about his weight loss diet. May his memory be a blessing and his values and work ethic remain a lasting legacy for our community. Warm regards, Sandy
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