Elier Fuentes

Director of Engineering

E-Mail (305) 329-2872
Stiles Property Management
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With more than 15 years of consulting, designing, construction and engineering experience, Elier is currently responsible for overseeing engineering and maintenance operations for Stiles’ 22 million-square-foot property portfolio. He works with our teams to ensure operational and maintenance efficiency. He is also an effective communicator with owners, clients, contractors, vendors, tenants, as well as providing valuable solutions to intricate service requests. Additionally, he offers troubleshooting and problem solving for complex maintenance and engineering issues.

In his current role, Elier provides energy efficient solutions and sustainable practices for our clients and their valued assets resulting in a reduction of operating expenses. He inspects and analyzes properties with the maintenance and engineering staff, directs training activities, conducts safety meetings, actively recruits maintenance staff and supervises all maintenance personnel.

Elier assists in the due diligence process with the acquisitions team and administers the bidding process with property managers for HVAC, roofing, elevators, plumbing, lighting, life safety, mechanical equipment and ensures properties are operating in the most efficient manner. He holds an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification with knowledge of the multiple laws and rules involved in handling HVAC chemicals. He prepares and implements preventative maintenance schedules, provides quality assurance inspections to ensure preventative maintenance procedures are being followed. Elier is responsible for monitoring updates of new developments, regulations, policies and procedures related to all maintenance functions mandated by federal, state, and local laws.

In addition, Elier holds the position of Safety Director for Property Management as well as Fleet Manager of an in-house fleet of 22 vehicles monitoring GPS tracking, fuel usage, inventory, maintenance, safe driving practices and cleanliness.

Elier joined Stiles in 2014 as a Building Engineer overseeing a multitude of properties in Miami during his tenure. In complement with his high energy work ethic and by demonstrating his valuable skills, talents, abilities, and commitment to advance his career, he earned a well-deserved and merited promotion in 2016 to run the stations maintenance team for the impressive Tri-Rail assignment.

Through his many positions and years of experience in the engineering industry, Elier has gained the respect of his co-workers and peers and has made a profound mark on the industry.