Ira Waitz

Senior Development Manager

Stiles Retail Group
Ira Waitz

Ira has over 30 years of real estate development and construction management experience. In his current role as  a Senior Development Manager he is responsible the planning, analyzing, and coordination of the development of commercial real estate projects including the negotiation of land purchase (or sale), Lease and Partnership agreements, coordination and review of due diligence related items, site entitlement process, calculating the cost of governmental review, permit, and impact fees, coordination of construction, preparation of project budgets, scheduling and feasibility, obtaining governmental approvals, negotiation of design and construction professionals contracts, and reporting monthly progress and variance reports.

Ira has a bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership with a concentration in real estate management.

Prior to Joining Stiles, Ira held senior project management positions with various Development firms, such as the Zaremba Group, Browning Property Company, LJ Hooker Development and Monroe’s Prestige Group, taking leading roles in the development and construction of Retail, Industrial and Multi-Family real estate.