Janina Aparicio

Property Manager

E-Mail (407) 352-2802
Stiles Property Management
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Janina Aparicio, Property Manager for Stiles Property Management offers 9 years of commercial property management experience in managing flex, office, retail and warehouse type properties. Mrs. Aparicio believes in developing trusting relationships with tenants and ownership by comprehending each individual’s unique circumstances. Her background in psychology makes her communication skills more personable with tenants, vendors, and ownership. She provides solutions to client’s obstacles through her skills of problem-solving and comprehension of complex issues.

Janina is a professional in property management, specializing in administering lease agreements and fostering robust tenant relations. In their role, Janina conducts regular site visits to cultivate positive tenant relationships and address any concerns promptly. They are adept at managing tenant accounts, ensuring timely rent collection, and handling delinquencies with a deft hand, collaborating with legal teams as necessary.

Janina demonstrates proficiency in preparing comprehensive reports, including operating budgets, expense reconciliations, and business plans. Their expertise extends to project management, overseeing construction and renovation endeavors while liaising closely with asset management to execute strategic business plans effectively.

Mrs. Aparicio works closely with maintenance technicians to ensure that daily and monthly tasks are being performed in a timely manner. She also works closely with preferred vendors and maintains warranties to guarantee protection of the properties and equipment for both tenants and ownership.

Janina Aparicio has her Bachelor of Psychology which she obtained in New York City.

She also has a Certificate in Building Construction Technology which was obtained in Central Florida.

Managing Experience:
• 86,444 SF of Office Building, representing Aetna Life Insurance Company.
• 633,608 SF Office Flex comprising of Six phases (11 buildings).
• 66,675 SF multi-building Warehouses
• 118,067 SF in Retail Centers