Further continuing the activation of Las Olas west of 3rd Avenue, Stiles Retail Group (SRG) has signed a lease with Sushi Maki to occupy ground-floor retail space at 200 East Las Olas Boulevard. Vice President Mike Carpenter handled the leasing for SRG, a division of the Stiles full-service real estate development firm. The restaurant, which will occupy 2,136 square feet including an outdoor seating area, is slated to open in October.

“The Las Olas corridor has evolved over the years from a business daytime destination to become an iconic, bustling corridor, attracting a massive migration of local and national professionals, families and tourists seeking Fort Lauderdale’s unique live, work and play lifestyle opportunities,” said Abe Ng, Sushi Maki CEO. “We are thrilled to introduce on Las Olas our new sushi bar concept called ‘Polished Fast-Casual Dining’ in response to a growing demand for our high-quality, sustainably sourced and delicious sushi offerings.”

Ng, who expanded his family’s Canton Chinese Restaurants since the late 1990s to become an award-winning, go-to regional sushi brand, is responding to changing market dynamics in the New Normal by introducing the “Polished Fast-Casual Dining” concept which he expects will create a new industry standard. The concept represents an evolution of the traditional fast-casual by including real glassware and plateware rather than disposable options and enabling customers to choose whether to order from team members or QR codes and enjoy their meals at tables indoors or outdoors, or pick up their meals curbside from dedicated “grab and go” parking spots.

Added Carpenter: “Our partnership with Sushi Maki is a natural fit, as we are both multi-generational, family-owned companies with a deep dedication to our communities. It’s a true privilege to introduce Sushi Maki and the Ng family to Las Olas.”

As part of the ongoing activation of the Las Olas corridor, last year Stiles completed The Main Las Olas, a full city block development including a 385,342-square-foot office building and 341-unit apartment building at 201 East Las Olas. The Main includes a Publix GreenWise market as well as ground- floor retail fronting Las Olas.

“For years, there was little to no activity on Las Olas west of Third Avenue, and with The Main and now Sushi Maki, Stiles is thrilled to continue the avenue’s natural progression to the west,” Carpenter said. “We envision a future where there is seamless connectivity along Las Olas throughout the downtown core.”