Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a sponsorship?

Your first step is to determine that your organization fits within Stiles Giving Guidelines. Once you have read all of our stated guidelines as well as our frequently asked questions and believe your organization falls within these parameters you are welcome to fill out the Sponsorship Application.

Please make sure to include/upload the following documents at the end of the application process:

  • Sponsorship Proposal
  • W-9
  • List of Board of Directors

A lead time of at least 3 months (90 days), prior to your program or event, will allow us to give timely consideration to your request.

When does Stiles accept sponsorship requests?

Stiles accepts and reviews requests throughout the year.

Where do I send my sponsorship request?

Upon completion of the Sponsorship Application you may upload a proposal, W-9 and list of Board of Directors to the application form.

Is there a contact if I have any questions?

Please direct any questions about the application process to Adrienne Zalkind, VP of Marketing []. Please title the subject line of the email to read: Community Partnership Request for…

Is all the requested information required for the initial request?

All requested information is required to evaluate an application. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

What is Stiles' sponsorship review process?

Once it is determined that the organization falls within the Stiles Charitable Giving Guidelines, a review committee will commence to determine the appropriate funding. Should further information be need to determine funding, we will contact you.

How do I check on my sponsorship request?

We commit to responding via email to every request within 6 weeks. Please make certain we have the correct contact information on your request. Based on staffing, we are not able to respond to calls for status checks.

How will I be contacted regarding the status of my sponsorship request?

An e-mail will be sent within 6 weeks of receipt of your request.

Is there a dollar limit for approved sponsorships?

Sponsorships are funded based on the type of partnership with the organization and the impact it will have.

May my organization apply for more than one sponsorship per year?

We typically do not consider more than one sponsorship request per fiscal year (January – December) for each organization.