Think creatively.
Build sustainably.


Sustainability is one of the guiding principles of Stiles. We understand that our business directly impacts the world’s resources, and continuously strive to attain higher sustainability standards while balancing the interests of our environment, communities, stakeholders, employees and customers.

With over 25 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professionals across all of our divisions, Stiles is committed to developing innovative ways to integrate sustainability into all of our projects. The LEED Green Building rating system provides a set of internal workplace sustainability guidelines that we utilize to ensure that we are producing healthy and productive places for our community members to live, work and enjoy.

Modeling our processes to follow the LEED, we design offices, retail and industrial buildings to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Environmental protection precautions and procedures are implemented from the initial development phase of every project, and reconsidered at every phase throughout the entire scope.

This process ensures that sustainability is not simply applied to our projects, but that it becomes a part of the project’s core functionality, and ultimately reduces its environmental impact on the world.

Stiles is proud to be responsible for numerous LEED projects, including: